Generation 2011

Jessica Wong

Journalism Seminar 2011
University of California, Berkeley


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Before coming to Cal, protests were something I observed through television and laptop screens. I have been in college for merely three months, yet have been able to be right in the middle of two revolutionary protests. Occupy Oakland didn’t just give me a taste of the power of public unification – it changed and shaped my views of the amount of influence we all could have. Never in my life have I witnessed such a massive demonstration.  I grew up in a quiet family where I was taught to keep my head down and my voice soft; rules were strictly enforced and god forbid if I decided to speak out against them. As I stood in front of Sproul Hall listening to professors and students voice their concerns about the deterioration of public education, my head was held high. I was surrounded by hundreds of my peers – strangers, yes, but united ones. It is hard to describe the feeling of empowerment and passion that resonated through the crowd. There is something enabling about knowing that my generation will the be one making decisions for the future, and that through linked arms and determination (okay, and YouTube videos), we will be able to get our ideas across and our voices heard. 

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